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    Only download files that have changed · 37fdd255
    Ross Jones authored
    Some servers provide an etag which is a unique identifier for the
    content being served (not always a hash).  This adds two new column to
    the archival, an etag and a last-modified field.  If the etag is
    available in the archival, and we get the same etag from the request,
    then we will not download the file.  The last-modified field is saved
    for sanity, it isn't yet used with If-Modified-Since in the request.
    This requires a migration:
        alter table archival add column etag character varying;
        alter table archival add column last-modified character varying;
    Notification of package updates is only done if at least 1 resource was
    downloaded, to avoid unnecessarily running QA and Packagezip.