Commit 0ebe8439 authored by Marko Kuder's avatar Marko Kuder
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local files not downloaded - merged main repo

parent 39ed7098
......@@ -9,12 +9,14 @@ import tempfile
import shutil
import datetime
import copy
import mimetypes
import re
import time
from requests.packages import urllib3
from ckan.lib.celery_app import celery
from ckan.lib import uploader
from ckan import plugins as p
from ckanext.archiver import interfaces as archiver_interfaces
......@@ -202,6 +204,7 @@ def _update_resource(resource_id, queue, log):
from pylons import config
from ckan.plugins import toolkit
from ckanext.archiver import default_settings as settings
from ckanext.archiver.model import Status, Archival
get_action = toolkit.get_action
......@@ -233,10 +236,57 @@ def _update_resource(resource_id, queue, log):
# Download
try_as_api = False
requires_archive = True
url = resource['url']
if not url.startswith('http'):
url = config['ckan.site_url'].rstrip('/') + url
hosted_externally = not url.startswith(config['ckan.site_url'])
# if resource.get('resource_type') == 'file.upload' and not hosted_externally:
if resource.get('url_type') == 'upload' and not hosted_externally:"Won't attemp to archive resource uploaded locally: %s" % resource['url'])
upload = uploader.ResourceUpload(resource)
filepath = upload.get_path(resource['id'])
hash, length = _file_hashnlength(filepath)
except IOError, e:
log.error('Error while accessing local resource %s: %s', filepath, e)
download_status_id = Status.by_text('URL request failed')
_save(download_status_id, e, resource)
mimetype = None
headers = None
content_type, content_encoding = mimetypes.guess_type(url)
if content_type:
mimetype = _clean_content_type(content_type)
headers = {'Content-Type': content_type}
download_result_mock = {'mimetype': mimetype,
'size': length,
'hash': hash,
'headers': headers,
'saved_file': filepath,
'url_redirected_to': url,
'request_type': 'GET'}
archive_result_mock = {'cache_filepath': filepath,
'cache_url': url}
# Success
_save(Status.by_text('Archived successfully'), '', resource,
download_result_mock['url_redirected_to'], download_result_mock, archive_result_mock)
# The return value is only used by tests. Serialized for Celery.
return json.dumps(dict(download_result_mock, **archive_result_mock))
# endif: processing locally uploaded resource"Attempting to download resource: %s" % resource['url'])
download_result = None
from ckanext.archiver.model import Status, Archival
download_status_id = Status.by_text('Archived successfully')
context = {
'site_url': config.get('ckan.site_url_internally') or config['ckan.site_url'],
......@@ -332,18 +382,30 @@ def download(context, resource, url_timeout=30,
mimetype, size, hash, headers, saved_file, url_redirected_to
from ckanext.archiver import default_settings as settings
from pylons import config
log = update_resource.get_logger()
if max_content_length == 'default':
max_content_length = settings.MAX_CONTENT_LENGTH
url = resource['url']
url = tidy_url(url)
if (resource.get('resource_type') == 'file.upload' and
if (resource.get('url_type') == 'upload' and
not url.startswith('http')):
url = context['site_url'].rstrip('/') + url
hosted_externally = not url.startswith(config['ckan.site_url'])
if resource.get('url_type') == 'upload' and hosted_externally:
# ckanext-cloudstorage for example does that
# enable ckanext-archiver.archive_cloud for qa to work on cloud resources
# till is resolved
# Warning: this will result in double storage of all files below archival filesize limit
if not config.get('ckanext-archiver.archive_cloud', False):
raise ChooseNotToDownload('Skipping resource hosted externally to download resource: %s'
% url, url)
headers = _set_user_agent_string({})
......@@ -441,6 +503,20 @@ def download(context, resource, url_timeout=30,
'url_redirected_to': url_redirected_to,
'request_type': method}
def _file_hashnlength(local_path):
hasher = hashlib.sha1()
length = 0
with open(local_path, 'rb') as afile:
buf =
while len(buf) > 0:
length += len(buf)
buf =
return (unicode(hasher.hexdigest()), length)
def archive_resource(context, resource, log, result=None, url_timeout=30):
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