Commit 28cfd602 authored by David Read's avatar David Read
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Revert "[#6] Race condition when resource URL is changed" because...

Revert "[#6] Race condition when resource URL is changed" because notify_after_commit doesnt work for some reason!

This reverts commit 5be1637d.
parent 7a158bb9
...@@ -30,14 +30,6 @@ class ArchiverPlugin(p.SingletonPlugin, p.toolkit.DefaultDatasetForm): ...@@ -30,14 +30,6 @@ class ArchiverPlugin(p.SingletonPlugin, p.toolkit.DefaultDatasetForm):
# IDomainObjectModification # IDomainObjectModification
def notify(self, entity, operation=None): def notify(self, entity, operation=None):
if not p.toolkit.check_ckan_version('2.3'):
self._notify(entity, operation)
def notify_after_commit(self, entity, operation=None):
if p.toolkit.check_ckan_version('2.3'):
self._notify(entity, operation)
def _notify(self, entity, operation=None):
if not isinstance(entity, model.Package): if not isinstance(entity, model.Package):
return return
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