Commit 42afda32 authored by David Read's avatar David Read
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Merge branch 'fix-travis' into archiver-2.0

parents b8aee481 76cb9ed4
......@@ -8,10 +8,11 @@ sudo apt-get update -qq
sudo apt-get install postgresql-$PGVERSION solr-jetty libcommons-fileupload-java:amd64=1.2.2-1
echo "Installing CKAN and its Python dependencies..."
git clone
git clone
cd ckan
#export latest_ckan_release_branch=`git branch --all | grep remotes/origin/release-v | sort -r | sed 's/remotes\/origin\///g' | head -n 1`
export ckan_branch=release-v2.2-dgu
#export ckan_branch=release-v2.2-dgu
export ckan_branch=master
echo "CKAN branch: $ckan_branch"
git checkout $ckan_branch
python develop
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