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Rename requirements-dev.txt dev-requirements.txt for consistency with other extensions.

parent 552ae86d
......@@ -92,9 +92,9 @@ NB Previously you needed both ckanext-archiver and ckanext-qa to see the broken
paster --plugin=ckanext-archiver archiver init --config=production.ini
6. Install the developer dependencies::
6. Install the developer dependencies, needed for the migration::
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
pip install -r dev-requirements.txt
7. Migrate your database to the new Archiver tables::
......@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@ To run the tests:
2. If not done already, install the dev requirements::
(pyenv)~/pyenv/src/ckan$ pip install ../ckanext-archiver/requirements-dev.txt
(pyenv)~/pyenv/src/ckan$ pip install ../ckanext-archiver/dev-requirements.txt
3. From the CKAN root directory (not the extension root) do::
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ pip install -e git+
echo "Installing ckanext-archiver and its requirements..."
python develop
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
pip install -r dev-requirements.txt
echo "Moving test-core.ini into a subdir..."
mkdir subdir
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