Commit 51ef7d4c authored by Kristijan Čagran's avatar Kristijan Čagran
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Remove resource revsions

parent 4012b596
import json
import logging
from ckan.lib.cli import CkanCommand
# No other CKAN imports allowed until _load_config is run,
# or logging is disabled
class RemoveRevisions(CkanCommand):
Removing old revisions
summary = __doc__.split('\n')[0]
usage = __doc__
max_args = 1
min_args = 1
attributes = ['resource_group_id', 'url', 'format', 'description', 'position', 'state', 'name', 'resource_type', 'url_type']
def __init__(self, name):
super(CkanCommand, self).__init__(name)
def date_from_string(self, date_str):
from datetime import datetime
_date = datetime.strptime(date_str, '%Y-%m-%d')
return _date
print('Wrong date format!')
return None
def command(self):
self.log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
pck_name = self.args[0]
def are_equal(self, old_revision, new_revision):
equal = True
for attr in self.attributes:
if getattr(old_revision, attr) != getattr(new_revision, attr):
equal = False
return equal
def remove(self, pck_name):
from ckan import model
import ckan.lib.dictization as d
def chunks(l, n):
'''Yield successive n-sized chunks from l.'''
for i in xrange(0, len(l), n):
yield l[i:i + n]
def delete(res_revs, res):
sql = ['''
ALTER TABLE package_tag DROP CONSTRAINT package_tag_revision_id_fkey;
ALTER TABLE package_extra DROP CONSTRAINT package_extra_revision_id_fkey;
ALTER TABLE resource DROP CONSTRAINT resource_revision_id_fkey;
for res_rev in res_revs:
sql.append("DELETE from resource_revision where id='%s' and revision_id='%s';\n" % (, res_rev.revision_id))
# a revision created (e.g. over the API) can be connect to other
# resources or a dataset, so only delete the revision if only
# connected to this one.
if model.Session.query(model.ResourceRevision). \
filter_by(revision_id=res_rev.revision_id). \
count() == 1 and \
model.Session.query(model.PackageRevision). \
filter_by(revision_id=res_rev.revision_id).count() == 0 and \
model.Session.query(model.PackageExtraRevision).filter_by(revision_id=res_rev.revision_id).count() == 0:
sql.append("DELETE from revision where id='%s';\n" % res_rev.revision_id)
# sql.append("UPDATE resource SET revision_id='%s' WHERE id='%s';\n" % \
# (latest_good_res_rev.revision_id,
ALTER TABLE package_tag ADD CONSTRAINT package_tag_revision_id_fkey FOREIGN KEY (revision_id) REFERENCES revision(id);
ALTER TABLE package_extra ADD CONSTRAINT package_extra_revision_id_fkey FOREIGN KEY (revision_id) REFERENCES revision(id);
ALTER TABLE resource ADD CONSTRAINT resource_revision_id_fkey FOREIGN KEY (revision_id) REFERENCES revision(id);
print("Executing sql....")
print("Committing sql....")
print("Sql committed.")
resources = model.Session.query(model.Resource) \
.filter_by(state='active') \
.join(model.ResourceGroup) \
.filter( == pck_name) \
for resource in resources:
resource = model.Resource.get(
revisions = model.Session.query(model.ResourceRevision)\
.filter_by( \
print("Resource: %s" % resource.url)
print("Num revisions: %d" % len(revisions))
revisions_dict = {rev.revision_id: rev for rev in revisions}
grouped_revisions = {}
current_group = 0
prev = None
for revision in revisions:
if prev is None:
prev = revision
grouped_revisions[current_group] = [revision.revision_id]
if not self.are_equal(prev, revision):
current_group += 1
group = grouped_revisions.get(current_group, [])
grouped_revisions[current_group] = group
prev = revision
revisions_to_remove = []
for key, grouped in grouped_revisions.items():
if len(grouped) <= 2:
_tmp = grouped[1:-1]
for revision_id in _tmp:
revision = revisions_dict.get(revision_id, None)
if revision is not None:
print("Num revisions to remove: %d" % len(revisions_to_remove))
print("Revisions to remove: %s" % ','.join([x.revision_id for x in revisions_to_remove]))
for chunk_of_res_revs in chunks(revisions_to_remove, 1000):
print('Preparing sql')
delete(chunk_of_res_revs, resource)
......@@ -90,6 +90,7 @@ setup(
external_tags = ckanext.dgu.commands.external_tags:ExternalTags
dodaj_opise_podrocij = ckanext.dgu.commands.dodaj_opise_podrocij:DodajOpisePodrocij
migrate = ckanext.dgu.commands.migrate:Migrate
remove_revisions = ckanext.dgu.commands.remove_revisions:RemoveRevisions
test_suite = 'nose.collector',
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